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MySkincareCoach is the world's first online course in holistic skincare and it will tell you everything you need to know about skincare!

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"I appreciate that there is no “hidden agenda” here. You’re not working for a brand to promote their products. I feel like I’ve been the victim of advertising my entire skincare life. The advice that I get in shops is in their interest to sell the product but then I come home and it doesn’t work for me. I am becoming more aware of what I’m actually spending my money on and want what I’m promised. Thank you for the background information on how your concept was born. I appreciate the honesty and easy to read layout."

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About the authors of the guide and MySkincareCoach

Your skincare coaches,

Susanna, Veera & Kati

Our passion and calling in skincare is to help and to inspire you. We are all moms of small kids with busy lives, balancing between work, family and taking care of our own wellbeing. So, we know that choosing the right products and figuring out the best skincare routine for you can feel totally overwhelming! 

After graduating with a master’s degree in business and working in various jobs, we studied skin biology and cosmetics manufacturing. From this experience, we gathered the knowledge on how the skin works and how to best to take care of it.

We hope you enjoy our guide and approach to skincare!

“We believe that skincare shouldn't be complicated or expensive.”

We base all of the skincare knowledge we share with you on skin biology, customer results and the science behind cosmetics and their ingredients. 

Based on feedback we’ve received from hundreds of customers, we know that our material can help you as well.

Veera Brückler,

TwistBe and MySkincareCoach founder

“We are transparent, honest and on your side”

In addition to our MBAs, we’ve studied skin biology and cosmetics formulation and have a solid understanding of both how the beauty industry works and what the skin needs. 

We put together MySkincareCoach to help you understand what your skin truly needs as well as how to read product labels.

Susanna Laine,

TwistBe and MySkincareCoach founder

“We want to give the power back to YOU”

At the end of the day, no one knows your skin better than you do. This is why our mission is to give YOU the power to take control of your skincare! 

We want to make sure you don’t waste money on products you don’t need and don’t do what they promise.  

Kati Partanen

TwistBe and MySkincareCoach founder



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